What Risk factors should be considered in a Risk Assessment?

Factors covered by the Risk Assessment can fall into the following categories;

The Tasks

  • Holding or handling loads away from the body.
  • Awkward movements such as twisting or stooping
  • Excessive lowering or lifting distances
  • Excessive carrying distances, pushing or pulling
  • Sudden movements of loads
  • The Load
  • Heavy weights
  • Bulky or difficult to hold loads
  • Unstable loads – beware of contents that may shift
  • Loads that may be damaging to hold. E.g. Hot, cold, sharp or slippery loads
  • The Working Environment
  • Changes in floor levels
  • Trailing wires
  • Vehicle routes
  • Rough or Slippery floor surfaces
  • Individual Capability
  • Lack of understanding or knowledge. For example new or young members of staff
  • Physical restrictions as a result of health or mental conditions
  • Whether the individual is pregnancy