Designed for HR and H&S managers who aim to excel, Kompass offers an intuitive platform that simplifies complex tasks, ensuring you stay ahead in the fast-paced business world. With features like automatic reminders, risk assessment renewals, and action tracking, keeping on top of HR and H&S tasks has never been easier.

Embrace efficiency with access to your H&S session scheduling, Client Visit Reports, comprehensive accident logs, and a robust document & training system.

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  • Streamlined Risk Management
    With risk assessment templates and the ability to upload custom assessments, Kompass ensures you’re never starting from scratch. Automatic reminders for risk assessment renewal keep you compliant and prepared.
  • Accident and Incident Simplification
    Meet HSE requirements effortlessly with our structured accident log. Store and manage incident reports in one place.
  • Prioritised Workplace Safety
    Kompass features help you effectively organise H&S actions, ensuring a safer workplace with prioritised tasks & task allocation.
  • Centralised Documentation
    Say goodbye to paper trails. Access, edit, update and share crucial H&S documents like policies and handbooks easily, with just a click.
  • Action Management Made Easy
    Boost productivity with our action management system, complete with automated reminders and task escalation, to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.


  • Efficient Holiday and Absence Management
    Move beyond spreadsheets. Manage holiday requests and track absences seamlessly, ensuring you keep on top of HR tasks without the hassle.
  • Streamlined Employee Contracts
    Ensure legal compliance and minimise errors with our expert-driven contract management system, saving time on administrative tasks.
  • Centralised HR Paperwork
    Our comprehensive system allows you to manage all HR documents in one place, simplifying distribution and management while being eco-friendly.
  • Comprehensive Employee Record-keeping
    Maintain a transparent and compliant record of employee details, with easy tracking of appraisals, disciplinary actions, and other vital events.
  • Insightful Performance Reports
    Generate detailed reports effortlessly, analysing data by employee, department, or site for a clear view of performance metrics.

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HR and Health & Safety management with Kompass.

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