Environment Agency Regulatory Response to COVID-19

The Environment Agency recognises the difficulties businesses are facing as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19). The government expect businesses to use contingency plans to help them comply with regulatory requirements and minimise unavoidable non-compliance.

To help businesses cope with disruption, we have published temporary COVID-19 regulatory position statements (COVID-19 RPSs).

These COVID-19 RPSs will help minimise risks to the environment and human health where, for reasons beyond your control, compliance with certain regulatory requirements is not possible due to coronavirus (COVID-19). They also cover specific circumstances where we are relaxing normal regulatory requirements to avoid increasing risks to the environment or human health during the particular circumstances of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Each COVID-19 RPS sets out when they apply and the conditions you must comply with. You must still comply with all of your other environmental regulatory requirements.

If you wish to use a COVID-19 RPS you must comply with both its:

  • specific conditions – including any requirements to notify us or get our approval to use it
  • requirements concerning pollution and harm to human health

Enforcement action will not normally be taken against you if you comply. 

For more information:

Monitoring and reporting:

Monitoring emissions from installations, radioactive substances and waste activities: RPS C7

Wate Management (excluding radioactive waste)

Storing or treating COVID-19 cleansing waste at a healthcare waste management facility: RPS C1

Incinerating specified healthcare wastes at a municipal waste incinerator: RPS C4

PPE waste from home healthcare workers treating patients with COVID-19: RPS C5

Social distancing when signing and handing over waste transfer and consignment notes in person: RPS C8

COVID-19 and packaging waste: registering as a packaging producer: RPS C9